We Are Online!

You spend time online. It is infiltrated into your daily routine:

  • You answer emails
  • Check of you “To-Do” list written on your Notes app
  • Post a “like” on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram
  • Connect with family and friends on Skype, Vyber, or Facetime
  • You do online gaming
  • Check Yelp reviews for the next best restaurant
  • Buy a vacation package with a Groupon special
  • Check results of a medical exam
  • You might attend college online
  • Your kids might use tablets for their school curriculum

We hear daily varying opinions about the use of technology. “It has improved our lives” or “It has detracted from our lives.” One thing is certain: we can’t escape it. Technology has changed how we function day to day. The online experience is a tool, and as with any tool, its value it determined by our use. It is a powerful opportunity to make that determination.

Our “online life” is an ongoing topic of conversation amongst everyone. And then the topic of “Teletherapy” comes up and eyebrows begin to raise … how can is possibly be the same as the in-person connection of face to face treatment? Won’t the human relationship be diminished? What about the traditional quiet office space with that comfy couch?

The client-therapist relationship is what determines the success of any kind of counseling experience. It is the therapist’s basic responsibility to respect and meet the needs of our client. The power is in the connection between two people, not necessarily the means in how they connect.

Unfortunately, 59% of Americans with mental health issues are not receiving care. This is troubling. Perhaps it is on the list of things to eventually get to. Maybe it is the idea of another appointment to go to. Or that transportation and childcare are an issue. Are you one of those 59%? If so, why not utilize the online option as a first step in prioritizing your health and wellness?

For more information about teletherapy at Preventative Health for Happy Families, please see bio for Amanda Cross, LCSW. The opportunity to improve your life, is literally at your fingertips to explore.