Candace L. Redcliff, LCSW


Candace Redcliff, LCSW has been a licensed therapist since 1995. She has been licensed in various parts of the United States has also provided clinical services in Europe. She has provided therapy in a variety of settings: community mental health, foster care, group practice, military bases, hospitals, emergency rooms and in private practice. 

Candace was contracted by the 911 survivor fund serving families and military affected by 911 in Washington DC. She has conducted many related seminars, including: Healing from Terror and Surviving Work Place Trauma. Candace has published various articles on relationship success and facing ones fears. As an EAP service provider to various companies, she has spoken to multiple groups on managing the stress in their lives. 

Specialties include: working with trauma, relationships, family dynamics, substance abuse, and military family life. With a great passion for teaching, she enjoys facilitating many types of group therapy. Candace’s modality is to incorporate multiple therapeutic techniques to assist others in being the person they want to be and finding the happiness they desire.