Jennifer Zimmerman, LCSW



As a licensed clinical social worker, Jennifer Zimmerman takes a systemic approach to
treatment, sensitive to both the environmental and interpersonal influences in the lives of her clients. Drawing on her clients’ inherent strengths, she takes a collaborative approach in helping clients move toward positive change.

Jennifer has worked over ten years in the field of mental health. In that time she has worked with individuals and families throughout inpatient, outpatient, and home-based environments. With experience in cognitive and dialectical behavioral approaches to treatment, she has helped individuals struggling with anxiety, mood, and psychotic disorders.

Most recently, Jennifer worked as a medical social worker, motivating and supporting patients and their families as they struggled with addiction, illness, and grief.

Jennifer’s prior experience includes having worked extensively on an inpatient psychiatric unit, where she utilized a recovery minded approach to promote acceptance and hope for families whose loved ones were diagnosed with severe and persistent mental illness. She has also worked to stabilize placements for foster children by providing education to foster parents and advocacy through IEP planning.

Jennifer graduated from San Diego State University in 2005 and became licensed as a clinical social worker in 2012. Jennifer’s Master’s Thesis examined ways to promote safe environments for LGBT youth in residential treatment. She received her BA in World Literature through the University of California at San Diego.

Jennifer is passionate about positive approaches to parenting in order to build happy and cohesive families. In her free time, Jennifer gardens and cares for a large array of family pets. More than anything, she loves spending time playing and being silly with her two spirited boys.