Mark Raskin, MFT



Mark Raskin is a supportive and perceptive therapist, offering a fully safe and therapeutic space with his clients. Mark listens and responds to his clients without judgement, and is accepting of all people, regardless of background. 

He has over two decades of experience teaching, interacting and providing behavioral support services to children ranging from pre-school to high school age, most specifically with middle-school kids. He is able to use this firsthand experience working with children, teenagers and young adults, as well as couples and adult individuals, and apply it to his present work as a marriage family therapist associate. Mark holds a masters degree in clinical psychology as well as a long-established teaching credential, both received from Brandman University. Mark obtained his bachelor’s in psychology at University of California, Santa Barbara.

Mark’s unique authenticity creates a comfortable environment for his clients, offering them candor, humor and a normalizing and practical approach to addressing life’s challenges. In doing so, Mark uses a variety of therapeutic modalities in his work. Ultimately, it is the client who decides the direction of therapy, and Mark acts as a mere conduit to help guide them toward that end, and therefore, toward a more practical, effective, and enjoyable management of their life moving forward.